Historical Names of Odisha, Odisha History Gk Pdf

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The historical name of Odisha

Dear Student, Here we discuss important historical names of Odisha which help to your OPSC Exam and OSSSC Exam. 

  • Kalinga
  • Utkala
  • Udra
  • Odra
  • South Kosala
  • Oddiyana
  • Kamala Mandala
  • In Congo
  • Trikalinga
  • Tosali
  • Odivissa
  • Jajnagar

Historically, Odisha has been named by the following names:

According to the Kalinga Purana and the Mahabharata, it was named after the prince

Kalinga, son of King Bali and Queen Sudarshan

According to the Utkal Mahabharata, Utkal was part of Kalinga. Karna has conquered the Utkal state. Utkal included the northern part of Kalinga The name Mahakant was found in secret It is usually identified

With modern Kalahandi and the area of ​​Jeep

Udra included the coastal areas of Odisha.

Odra was given the name after the Odra tribe Kalinga and the hilly state in between

South Kosala was the land of Odra

  • In Oriya, the name is mentioned in the Buddhist book. According to some scholars, it is called Odisha.
  • The Orange Zone means the Lotus area It was named for the Narla region Kalahandi
  • It was named for South Kosala in modern Chhattisgarh and the western part of Odisha According to the Ramayana, Ram’s son Kush represents South Kosala. The name Kangoda was found on a copper plate in Ganjam district
  • The name was found on the copper plate of Trickling Sonepur The word means three Kalinga and three states of Kalinga and Kalinga, South Kosala and Kangoda. Tosali Asoka was named for a city with a subdivision of Kalinga during its time
  • The capital of Tosala is located in the modern city of Dha Ha
  • For Odisha, the name was mentioned in the book Buddha.
  • The name Jajnagar was used in some texts for Tarikh-i-Nasiri, Tarikh-i-Firuz Shahi, etc. for Odisha.


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