Historical Names of Odisha | odisha General knowledge

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Historical Names of Odisha | Odisha General knowledge

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Historically, the names of Odisha have been named during the historical period: according to the Kalinga Puranas and the Mahabharata, it was named after Prince Kalinga, King of Bali and Queen Sudarshan.

Utkala According to Mahabharata Utkala was a part of Kalinga.
Mahakantara This name was found during Gupta period.
Udra It was the kingdom which included coastal region of Odisha.
Odra This name was given after Odra tribe.
Oddiyana This name was mentioned in Buddhist texts.
KamalaMandala  It was named for the region of Narla in Kalahandi.
South Kosala It was named for the modern day Chhattisgarh andWestern parts of Odisha.
Kongoda This name was found on a copper plate in Ganjam district.
Trikalinga This name was found on copper plates in Sonepur.
Tosali It was named for a city including a subdivision of Kalinga during the Asoka period
Odivissa This name was referred in Buddhist texts for Odisha.
Jajnagar This name was used for Odisha in some texts like Tarikh Nasiri, Tarikh

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