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Traditional Sports in Odisha

Hello Everyone, In this post I will share odisha traditional sports which helps to your all competitive exam so read the post carefully. this post helps tor your all competitive exam.


It is counted among the most common and widely played traditional sports. It is the game where one person plays against seven people.

Kho Kho

It is. one of India’s very famous traditional game. This game is very popular in Odisha. It is also known as ‘Standing Game’.
This is the sport where players chase and try to touch a person. Odisha Kho Kho Association is the governing body of Kho Kho in Odisha.

Rassi Tana (Rope Pulling)

It is a traditional game of Odisha. It is a contest of strength in which two teams tug onopposite the ends of a rope, each trying to pull the other across a dividing line.

Nadia Phinga (Coconut Throwing)

This is a traditional game of Odisha. This is a game of throwing coconuts on land or even in water. One whose coconut covers the longest distance, is the one who wins.

Kbapara Dian

T his is a traditional game of Odisha. In this game, one has to jump with one leg and perform various tasks.


It is another traditional game of Odisha which is a dance game of the state. It played both in sitting and standing positions. Usually, this sport is played by young girls during the moonlight nights of the Hindu month of Ashwin.

Sword Fighting

This is another traditional sport of the state. A sword fight is a battle between two people, each with a sword and the goal is to defeat the opponent as fast as one can. A sword fight can be in sport, battle or fun.

Paen Anba (Bringing Water)

This traditional game is performed by both boys and girls of 5 to 8 years age group. It visualizes the culinary tradition of Western Odisha. In this game, participants take water from pond or river and prepare different traditional food items symbolically.

Macbbasare Ghina

It is a traditional game of Odisha. It represents the selling of fish by fisher women moving around the Para (settlements).


It is a traditional game of Odisha. It is played by all teenagers, young and middle-aged. It is a totally ritual based game. The performance of this game started from Ratha Yatra, the second day of bright fortnight of Ashadh and continues till the new moon of Bhadrapad.

Ganthi Ganana

It is a game performed during wedding ceremony by Kharial tribes of Sundargarh district.

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